25 Qeynos Tower 3

map: G00 Thundering Steppes

25 Qeynos Tower 3
(Coordinates: -240,60) submit help info
Waylon March
Quest: Pretty Ponies, All in a Row  (22lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Kill 6 Steelhoof Centaurs.
Amy Bhorgese
Quest: A Message for Kitty  (25lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Search for Amy Bhorgese's half-sister: Kitty. Various locations: Ruins of Karana in TS, Archer Woods in Antonica, Behemoth Pond in Nektulos Forrest: you will find Kitty at loc: -209, -101
Lvl 28, Reward: 1s, 87c, xp. (by Redviffer, Eternal Requiem, Guk)
Tish Tickers
Quest: A Scrying Shame  (25lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Help Tish get some ancient silver coins by using scrying stones. Steps:
1) Find 5 ancient silver coins. (She gives you 5 scrying stones to start with) Note: the coins come from coin purse events from the rainbow circles. You can get two events (nothings don't count) per circle spawn. Also I bugged the fact that getting 3 coins at once only gave me one coin in quest credit.
2) Return to Tish
Reward: Choice of 5 torches (each gives a different color light). I know the moon one gives blue light. I assume sun is yellow, fire is red, grass is green. I took earth but the light seems to be the default white from my view. (by Ashini of Faydark)
Quest: Access Quest: The Gnoll Cave  (26lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Tish wants you to gather the following components:
1. Five cursed bone marrow from Skeletal Troopers
2. Three spirit essence from Spirited Orbs
3. Five imbued bones from Varsoon Apprentices
She gave me this quest after I completed A Scrying Shame for her. (by Orender (Steamfont))

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