24 Weavemaster Esh'rax

map: G01 The Ruins of Varsoon

24 Weavemaster Esh'rax M
(Coordinates: 20,95) submit help info
Named NPC. Drops Blood Etched Bangle: +1 sta +6 agi +5 str +21 health +23 power +128 vs cold +64 vs divine +192 vs mental AC 36 at 33 Required skill 140. Wrist item.
He also drops "Garment of the Varsoon" (robe). +6 agi +6 str +19 health +25 power +192 vs disease +192 vs magic. Armor Class 94 at 34. Skill: Very Light Armor Required: 145 Mastery: 170 (by Loxias, Brells Fallen, Neriak) (by Loxias, Brells Fallen, Neriak

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