04 Soulspike

map: H01 The Wailing Caves A

04 Soulspike M
(Coordinates: 53,-15) submit help info
This is also the spawnpoint for the named spider Soulspike that spawns here with 2 lurid feeders.
(by Cag)
a barrel (object) Actually, these barrels appear in several spots throughout the map; all of them are "smashable" but they don't always contain items.
The barrel is interactive (glows when you hover over it) with a choice to "smash". When I smashed it, I received a "bangle of brilliance": AC - 10 @ lvl 14; +1 Agi; +3 Str, +11 vs cold, divine, and mental; equippable on left/right wrist, skill: Magic Affinity - Req: 45, Mastery: 70. (by Skygge ~Innothule~)

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