07 Three Toe's Watering Hole

map: K00 Zek

07 Three Toe's Watering Hole
(Coordinates: 338,-403) submit help info
(by Rimi, Faydark)
The Glademaster The Glademaster is inside the barn. You must deliver the foundry map to him as part of the quest.
(by Tiggler, Avenging Souls, Blackburrow)
Quest: Hallmark: Into the Vallon Faundry   (30lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
This quest is given as a part of the Green Hood Operation quest. He will send you to the mine. There you will first inspect 3 ore items on the ground, then kill a few miners and then kill Nixam Dugdiggle (a named orc) and his familiar.
(by Rimi, Faydark)
Quest: Give the key to the Glademaster  (1lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
This is a level 1 quest you receive after you find both of the sewer entrances to Deathfyst Citadel then hail the Glademaster. It's the final step in the Operation Greenhood quest (which, in my opinion, should be listed under Access Quests in the journal because it gives you access to Deathfyst Citadel).
If you give him the key he gives you a quest reward of the choice of one of severeal weapons (Shureshot bow and Mammoth being a couple of them) but no exp (it is, after all, a level 1 quest). There's no completed quest text for it so you'll get a funny message when it dings. You will still have access to Deathfyst Citadel. (by Zechariah Lives, Phantom Knights, Mistmoore)
Quest: Into the Vallon Foundry  (35lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Glademaster Valwood of the Green hoods has sent me into the mine pit of the Vallon Foundry to disrupt their operations. I must taint the arcane smelting pots of the orcs with a special druidic mixture given to me by the greenhoods. The smelting pots look like upturned giant orc heads. They look very cool.
- Inspect the smelting pot of Gurkis (+396, -119, -159). This is down the tunnel direcly South of the base of the elevator shaft.
- Inspect the smelting pot of Horkul (+245, -122, -120) This is down the tunnel to the East of the elevator shaft base.
- inspect the smelting pot of Ikuris (+361, -125, -43) This is down the tunnel to West of the Entrance.
I must search the mines for Dwarven mining picks. They must be carried by whatever orc toils with such a tool - Vallon Miners. These drop fairly regularly. I got four (4) picks after killing nine (9) miners.
I must slay Nixam Dugdiggle and his familiar. go up the ramp to the first landing. From there, find the second ramp and climb it to the top landing. Work your way around the landing to the far tunnel. The tunnel branches off. Take the branch to the right. There are four vallon quarry elite there. "invader, you'll not get out of my foundry alive Krig Stonestance Level 36 heroic ^^ This is another fun fight with some good prizes.
This quest is needed to gain the trust of the greenhoods. (Let's face it your a hard eyed stone cold killer) You need to complete it if you want them to trust you enough to give you the Operation Greenhood heritage quest. This is a level 30 hallmark quest. It is easily soloable at level 40. The sentries in the mind drop a lot of chests. Here are some sample items dropped in the chests and their sales value at your advanced tradeskill instance..... - vallon miner gloves (mit 93, buffs +60 buffs) 52s, 80c - vallon miner shoulder pads (light armor, mit 139, +60 buffs) 57s, 60c - vallon miner skullscap (light armor, mit 93, +60 buffs) 57s, 60c - woven etched boots (light armor, mit 85) 48s (by Bystander, Order of the Ravenclaw, Najena Server)
the hay
Quest: A bleeder in the Haystack   (30lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Required to kill 20 Sullon lumberjacks.
Examine the hay on the ground besides Glademaster in Loc 07 of the map.
(by Einawiz,butcherblock)

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