map: K00 Zek

(Coordinates: 554,310) submit help info
(by Rimi, Faydark)
Quest: Hallmark: Operation Green Hood  (30lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
This is the quest to gain entrance to Deathfist Citadel. He will send you to the Green Hood Trapper Master, who wants 4 pieces of a map. You can get this from any orc i believe. I got it from solo orcs just outside the Dock area. Then talk to shadow, who sends you to the Glademaster. The Glade master will have several tasks for you.He asks you to kill: 6 Vallon Grunts 2 Vallon Loaders 4 Vallon Builders Gurk Strongarm They can be found at the Mill. After that he gives you another quest you must finish to be able to continue this one. That is call Dissrupting the Faundry. After completing that he will send you to talk to Tork at the Orc Stockade. Be ware that the second door you pass to get there will spawn 4 orcs that needs to be killed or run off. Tork sends you to the lookout point, where u must inspect a small box on the ground. Last thing to do is find the 2 grates in the moat in Deathfist Citadel. To get there do NOT go over the bridge, but around the river. You can enter the moat to the left of the gate to the Citadel. A good plan is to evac or call once you have found the two grates. Reward for completing these two quests are a weapon supposedly suited for your class and access to Deathfist Citadel. The scout bow is by far the best of them. (by Rimi, Faydark)

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