12 Blood Ore Valley
( Celestia Abysse)

map: K00 Zek

12 Blood Ore Valley
( Celestia Abysse)
(Coordinates: 362,-114) submit help info
1. This is the Faundry you need to enter to complete the Dissrupt the Faundry quest. (by Rimi,Faydark)
2. Celestial Abysse is located at the bottom of the mine.
Ore cart Mining cart at the bottom of the lift in mine <- location 345.62,-112.60,-117.61.
Quest: Catapult Ammo Suppliers  (30lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
The Vallon miners provide the rocks used in the catapults in the Orcish Wastes. I must stop them from providing the war machines with ammo!
I need to slay 20 Vallon miners in the Orcish Wastes.
(by Blynk, Relentless, Neriak)

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