21 Bootstrutter's Trail

map: K00 Zek

21 Bootstrutter's Trail
(Coordinates: -293,-270) submit help info
Bootstrutter's Trail Guide
Quest: Bootstrutter's Trail Guide to the Badlands  (30lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
I have come upon weather beaten marker in the wilderness, Bootstrutter's Trail Guide for the surrounding territory of the Badlands in Zek. I have made what notes I could of various location on the guide in hopes that I may visit them:
1. Visit the Captive Thicket
2. Visit the Charred Vale
3. Visit the Titan's Tower
4. Visit the Deathfist Lookout
5. Visit the Bridge of Zek
6. Visit the Deathfist Cidadel
(by Aodfhin, Sinister, Nektulos)

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