43 Centaurs camp
(Rainbow Circle)

map: G00 Thundering Steppes

43 Centaurs camp
(Rainbow Circle)
(Coordinates: 1206,570) submit help info
1. There is a new NPC in the Steppes at 43 a named centurion “Cap’t Durana’s”. Level 27 full bar, put up a very good battle against a level 29 tank, 27 Paladin and 26 healer. The drop was exceptional, a Adept III and a large shield, very high Armor defense excellent spells, average use required. (by Nisse Md Kithicor)
2. (by Moonshade)
a sack
Quest: The Mysterious Supplier  (23lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Need to kill 25 sabretooth hunters.
It's in camp where centaurs are in a tent you must examine a sack.
(by plur)
an Ale Stein [1227, 592 <- coordinates]
Location contains an Ale Stein required for one of the Far Seas Requisition quests from the docs. The stein itself is on table behind the eastern most tent. (by Enoac)

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