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Kerath McMarrin
Quest: Heritage: Hadden's Earring (Fishbone Earring )  (30lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
You must do following things to do the quest:
1. Go to Tower of Vhalen in Antonica and take the Hrath's Journal.
2. Go to Nektulus Forest and search the Torrent River (460, -1280).
3. Go to Commonlands and swim in the ocean (-860, -980).
4. Go to Thundering Steppes and also swim in the ocean (close to a Sirens Piramid; 1650, 130).
5. Kill Lord Everliving in the Nektropos Castle (you must do the Calling in the Forest quest first).
6. Kill Hrath V'Tol in the Ruins of Varsoon.
7. Find and kill Captain Krieger in Thundering Steppes (spawns as you reach -79, -1065).
Blerton Blumble A halfling who's related to Blarton Blumble in Antonica. He offers a quest that you need to complete to complete the first one from Jacques. (by Ashini of Faydark)
Quest: Blumble Blunder  (20lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Blerton wants you to find Grandpa Blumble. Steps:
1) Look for Grandpa north of the docks. He's found at the 'X' that is the entrance to the Pirate's Hidden Stash instance (location 70). There is a new instance called 'Blumble's Halfling Hole' there.
2) Return to Blerton after talking to Grandpa at the end of the tunnel.
Reward: Choice of: Blerton's Cane (staff dual-wield, 4-12 base dmg, 1.6 sec delay, +5 str, +4 health, +5 power) Blerton's Crate Opener (sword dual-wield, 3-9 base dmg, 1.2 sec delay, +5 sta, +9 power) Blerton's Letter Opener (dagger dual-wield, 3-10 base dmg, 1.4 sec delay, +7 int, +5 helath) (by Ashini of Faydark)

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