map: K00 Zek

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The Meandering Augur
Quest: The Meandering Augur's three meanlings  (25lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Retrieve 3 bags of plant seeds from the Tallon grunts.
(by Luosky,Pact of Shadow,Crushbone)
Quest: Mettle Testing  (30lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Hammer thinks you're not tough enough to survive in Zek. You prove him wrong by slaying 10 orcs.
(by Solarien, Conjuror of Cairdeas)
Quest: Short Range Patrol   (30lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Hammer tells you his patrols are spread thin going all over the continent. He wants you to go on a small patrol nearby and report to him. You have to visit:
1) Tower Ruins
2) East Catapult
3) West Catapult
4) Wreck of Q.S.S. Ebon Strongbear
5) Grove of Stones (druid ring)
(by Solarien, Conjuror of Cairdeas)
Quest: The Tallon Plunder Chests   (30lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
After finishing the first two quests he gives you, Hammer now wants you to locate the plunder chests from the sites you scouted. All you have to do is find them and inspect them. Reward: Another piece of the Emerald Hide Set and 13 silver, 72 copper.

1) Western catapult chest is behind some rocks near the catapult.
2) Eastern catapult chest is behind some rocks behind the catapult.
3) Ruined tower chest is in the barn but I noticed that it was difficult to see the chest at certain angles; I found the best way to see it was to stand at the entrance and slowly move forward until you could inspect it. [/loc 219.06 -40.26 202.14 orientation 18.25, 0.00, 0.00 to see the chest. Make sure your orientation is correct at loc.]
4) Grove of stones chest is behind a large rock on the far side of the grove.
5) Q.S.S. Ebon Strongbear chest is on the western portion of the ship.
Quest: Disrupting the Mining Operation  (30lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Hammer now wants you to disrupt the mining operations of the Vallon orcs nearby in the Blood Ore Vally. You need to kill 10 Vallon miners to finish it. Reward: Another piece of the Emerald Hide Set and 14 silver, 87 copper. Emerald Hide Set: (all light armor) Boots: 5 sta, 6 agi, 19 health, 21 power, 67 cold, 168 magic, 134 mental Bracers: 3 int, 8 str, 20 health, 20 power, 67 cold, 168 divine, 134 poison Cap: 7 int, 4 wis, 23 health, 17 power, 67 cold, 134 divine, 168 mental Gloves: 7 agi, 4 wis, 19 health, 21 power, 67 cold, 134 disease, 168 heat Pants: 6 int, 5 str, 15 health, 25 power, 168 cold, 202 poison Shoulderpads: 5 sta, 6 wis, 20 health, 20 power, 202 cold, 168 heat Tunic: 5 agi, 6 str, 19 health, 21 power, 101 cold, 134 disease, 134 magic.
The only solo miners that show up are one by the bridge down to the elevator and one at the bottom of the elevator. The rest are group mobs (level 32).
(by Solarien, Conjuror of Cairdeas)
Soci Esign
Quest: Heritage: The Journey is Half the Fun - Zek  (30lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Point 1: Grove Stones. Run Northeast from the outpost and up through the Easternmost of the two North valleys, then turn right. You only need to swing by 40-50 feet to the North of the druid ring to get the update.
Point 2: Charred Vale. Run around the zone counter-clockwise, following the blue line. The update is in the charred area past the second gate and over the hill. You'll likely pick up snake and/or tree aggro during this checkpoint, but it's easily shaken. Just don't stop! You only need to step a couple feet into the soot to get the update, then jet due west toward the Lookout Tower. Avoid the orc gates' spawns by running over the rocks to the left at the first one and up the leftmost leaning post at the second.
Point 3: Deathfist Lookout. Run due West, then veer north to the lookout rock. Try to avoid picking up lion aggro near the base; they can be a pain when running back down. The update is at the very top of the spire.
Point 4: Zek Bridge. Run down the spire and East around the wall to the bridge. DO NOT RUN ACROSS THE BRIDGE! Run about 5 feet onto it to get the update.
Point 5: Deathfist citadel. Splash across the pond between the aggro radii of the two orc guards. Fish will likely spot and chase you, but ignore them and keep running. Run along the sand after skirting the orc and pop out into deathfist valley to the left of the bridge. Turn left and hug the wall until you get to the other side of the first orc spawn battlements, then run to the road. The update is a little West of the skulls-on-sticks.
Point 6: Spirit Lake. Sprint back to the Bridge and then to the right of it, running over the sand. Any Citadel aggro you picked up will give up quickly. Avoid the solo orc guards again and splash through the water. The fish will probably reaggro, but ignore them. TIP: You can run over the top of the rock wall directly south of the pond's West section. Look at the orange line for a clear picture of what I mean. Run directly to the second orc gate, ignoring any aggro you pick up. DO NOT RUN BACK THROUGH THE GATE! Run to the East side of it and jump your way up the rock wall and over the fence. If you don't get over the fence quickly, aggro might catch you. It can be tricky if you've never done it before. You can also get over the West side, but for me the East wall is easier. >From there, retrace your steps and head to the spiral lake under the 6 on the map. Remember to jump over the stones to the right of the second gate. The Spiral Lake update will trigger when you get within 15-20 feet of it. Don't touch the water or yet another surprise pop will trigger and chase you.
Point 7: Deathfist Quarry. Run to the mine and take the elevator down to the bottom. Run 5 feet into one of the tunnels for the update, then evac to the dock. You should still have plenty of time on the clock even if you dawdled. Finish: Run out through the front gates of the outpost to stop the timer, then talk to Soci to move on to the next step.
No Reward except the next part of the heritage quest

The route is as follows; the number in parentheses is the approximate location on map. There are WPs to most of these places on your in-game map. You do not need an evac to finish this one. I had a double sow and finished with 2.5 minutes to spare, even having taken a couple wrong turns. 1) Grove of Stones (Druid Ring) - (03) 2) Charred Vale - (22) 3) Deathfist Lookout - (20) [you must go to the top] 4) Bridge of Zek (DFC Bridge) - (19) 5) Deathfist Citadel Gates - (16) 6) Spirit Lake - (25) 7) Deathfist Quarry - (12) [you must go down into the mine and out of the elevator] 8) Back to starting point.
(by Darkflower, The Illuminati, Mistmoore Server)

After doing this part, you'll be asked to go to Enchanted Lands.

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