10 Druhdak Shin`Ree

map: H01 The Wailing Caves A

10 Druhdak Shin`Ree M
(Coordinates: -56,-157) submit help info
Named skeletal orc at the bottom of the pit of death actual loc is: -56, -51, -167 Druhdak Shin`Ree is L13++ and has 5 or 6 friends, all L13, all of whom have either 1 or 2 down arrows. There was a placeholder spawn up before him, which also had 5 or 6 friends grouped with him. There are also other spawns down there not tied to this one (essence, spectral shrillers, shin`ree avengers) In other words, it's gotten pretty crowded down there at the bottom of the pit.
(by ersatz)

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