map: K00 Zek

(Coordinates: 420,-147) submit help info
Grozmag the Trainer
Quest: Heritage: Training Is A Shield (Shiny Brass Shield )  (40lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
This is quest for the Shiny Brass Shield Heritage quest ,required to do 6 trials, some are soloable, some not. After 6th trial you must go to Deathfist Citadel and kill Lord Fyst. (by Einawiz, Butcherblock)

Starts at Grozmag near the Pit in Zek (every 15 hours you may do one trial) - 1st - solo
- 2nd - group
- 3rd - solo
- 4th - group
- 5th - solo
- 6th - raid (Kill Emperor Fyst in Deathfist Citadel in Zek. One person needs access and this is a 12 man raid zone. 1st wave: 4x lvl 40^^ Deathfist Gladiators with 4x lvl 40^^ lionesses that add halfway through the fight. 2nd wave: Dogolka (lvl 42^^ mob). 3e wave: Harrower of Zek (lvl 40 group x2 mob). 4e wave: Emperor Fyst (lvl 42^^^ mob))

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