map: H03 Fallen Gate

(Coordinates: 0,20) submit help info
Coin (Reward "Cleansing The Corr." in SH)
Quest: Memorial of Hatred   (20lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
OK this one gave me fits for a week, couldn't find anything on it. Part one says visit and learn more about the memorial of hatred. I wandered Fallen Gate for days, literally. Come to discover, it's right inside the "first gate" - you'll know when you are there, it flashes and updates if you have never been. Inside the first gate area are 4 columns that you can right click and "read inscription" I don't think there is any specific order, because I did them randomly, but after I hit all 4 of them it updated the quest.
Part two of quest now says I need to collect ghostly hearts from zombies here in Fallen Gate. Will update if there is a part 3.
(by Walkalot@faydark)

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