01 Mariner's Bell

map: B08 Qeynos: Castleview Hamlet

01 Mariner's Bell
(Coordinates: 783,-85) submit help info
Bupipa Guryup (Bupipa is shown on your current map to be at the Mariner's Bell in Castleview. He is not AT the Mariner's Bell, rather he is on a porch ABOVE the Mariner's Bell. Go up the stairway to the south of the Fountain of Valor and head to your right to find him there.
(by Alyce of Befallen)
Quest: Bupipa's New Amplificator  (8lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Bupipa of Guryup(in Castleview Hamlet) as you to bring her bill of sale to Bizrinn and bring here back her "Amplificator" (by Demitry / Gilwean -- Lucan_DLere)

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