03 The Fountain of Valor

map: B08 Qeynos: Castleview Hamlet

03 The Fountain of Valor
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Taneranthalis Nedaiveren
Quest: Jewelry Delivery for Taneran  (8lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
You need to add Tara Ironforge to the N. Qeynos NPC list. She's located in the Jewel Box in N. Qeynos and is part of the "Jewelry Delivery for Taneran" quest that originates in Castleview Hamlet.
(by Starnavak, 14 Sorcerer, Lavastorm)
Listalania Vainederian
Quest: Reservation for a Visitor  (6lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Frup Groaak
Quest: World Event: The Missing  (20lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
1. Go to the southern beach of Antonica to find Giidib.
2. Go just north east of the beach to a log and search it. (loc 816,715)
3. Go to the rock and search (loc -698, 585)
4. Go to the stump and search (loc -839, 545)
5. Go to the tree and search up in the tree (loc -866, 402)
6. Head to the pond in Archer Woods and click on the rock around. (loc -772.48, 443.40)
7. Lead Giidib to to the Southern Qeynos Guard Tower.
8. Return to Frup in Castleview Hamlet. Frup tells you he must meditate on Giidib's death and to come back later. Come back after 1 EQ2 day has passed (somewhere around 72 minutes). (by Trekat, Grobb)

First, you Trigger this quest with frub. Then, you need to go to the SOUTH beach in Antonica. Then, you should have a waypoint leading to various places. At the end of each waypoint, there will be something to examine to get a quest update. the last update is where u get a waypoint to the rock in the middle of the archers wood pond. Here, Giidib of the first circle will spawn. Right click him and select "lead to the nearest guard tower". There, you will get an update on the quest saying "Return to Frup". Here, he will ask you not to talk to him until he has meditated on the bad news of Giidib Dying. Then, when you can talk to him again, You will be given the quest called avenging spirit. For this, you should recieve a stone called "The Shard of Marr" double click it, Right click it and use it. Then, the spirit of Giidib appears. Right click him and he will lead you to the bells of vhalen. There, a lvl 28 assassin will spawn. This is soloable by lvl 27+ but if you are lower, get a group. Then, talk to frub and the quest is completed. Reward: Froglok race allowed on your account!!! (by Godatte, The Ainur, Runnyeye, 28 Ranger)

1) Hail Frup in Castleview Hamlet
2) Go to southern beach in Antonica and you will automatically get a waypoint that will lead you to 4 objects you must inspect: a log, a stone, a tree stump, and a tree (i beleive in that order). The tree maybe a little tricky to figure out on your own because you have to look up and inspect the foliage. It will then lead you to a stone at the beaver pond in archer woods that you have inspect. Giidib spawns in about 30 seconds. Lead him to the closest guard tower where he will die of poisoning. That will conclude the quest, The Missing (lvl25).
3) Go back to Frup and he will give you a stone to summon the spirit of Giidib. Equip and use it close to the tower of Vhalen so you wont have to walk all that way starting from the rope bridge (Giidib moves slow, at a walking pace). Kill the assasin in the tower. That will conclude the quest, Avenging the Spirit (lvl25).
4) Hail frup and once again you will have to summon the spirit of Giidib. This time summon him close to the northern farm fields. He then will lead you to a big rock that will zone you into the assassin's lair. There's several Level 30 mobs (one is a shaman but i had no problems with him healing himself) inside along with some 29's. Kill them all and free the captive froglok.
5) Once again hail Frup and he will give you a stone you must equip and use close to crater pond that will zone you into an instance called The Lost Village of Kugup. At this point your journal says investigate the village. I'm assuming you must complete all quests inside. At this point it will be a subquest called When Darkness comes (lvl30). More later.... (by Zechariah, Phantom Knights, Mistmoore)

[ unlocks "Avenging Spirit" quest ]
Quest: World Event: Avenging Spirit  (29lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
[ you must do "The Missing" quest first" ]

1. Go to Bell of Vhalen in Antonica and activate Shard of Marr. The Viragos spawns and tries to kill you. He is a 28-29 lvl.
2. Return to Castleview Hamlet.

Now you are to find the assassin that killed Giidib. Frup gives you a Shard of Marr that can summon Giidibs spirit at the pond in Archers Wood. When you ask the spirit to show you his murderer, he starts to lead you to the Tower of Vhalen. He is walking very slowly, so you can follow easily, but he also walks right across the mountains. If you lose sight of the spirit, you can summon him again any time. In front of the tower the spirit stops and disappears and Viragos, Assassin of the Hand, charges at you. He is lvl 28 and was way too high for me to fight at lvl 15, so i don't know what the reward is yet. i think he only appears if the spirit leads you to the tower, not if you just go there. will be updated once i "grow up" a bit. quest lvl 25 (by Anij, Faydark Server)

[ unlocks "When Darkness Comes" quest]
Quest: World Event: When Darkness Comes  (29lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
[ you must do "Avenging Spirit" quest first" ]

1. Go to Antonica following th e Spirit of Gidib. It will lead you to a Burried Hideout near Windstalker Village (2247, -248). In the instance zone you must kill every guard to free captured Froglok.
2. Return to Frop Grooak.
3. Go to Crater Pond and egzamine a Pond Stone while standing on a big rock. This will lead you to the Lost Village of Kugup - see our map.

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