16 Vindiami the Ancient

map: F09 The Condemned Catacomb

16 Vindiami the Ancient
(Coordinates: -71,-109) submit help info
The Ancient Watcher is a lvl 33 ^^^ mob. He has an AE and a knockback which are quite strong. (by Alodar)

The Ancient Watcher can be done quite easy with a great tank (35+) and a ton of healing power. We brought a templar, a fury and a mystic to do that, a chanter to drain power - and me, a wizard, to do some nuking and help the tank to keep aggro. Tank was 35, rest was 30-32... Fight took 24 minutes for us... :-)

Briamar, Crushbone, Templar
He was lvl 33 group x 2 ^^^ up mob. I feel it's a bit to hard for the zone. Hit for 1230 on opening round, AE debuff'ed, AE attacked for 600, we healed on opening of combat(2 templars), hit for 1780, *tank died before 2nd set of heals finished*. The zone shouldn't have a x2 mob when only 6 people can zone in. Needless to say my group of lvl 30's with a good tank and 2 templars got owned. We evac'd. We'll come back when we are 35 and try again when the whole zone except him and a few others are grey.

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