32 Nerial T'Rek

map: H03 Fallen Gate

32 Nerial T'Rek M
(Coordinates: -1,-62) submit help info
You will know you have found the lair of Nerial T'Rek by the dark billowing smoke with a glowing skeleton in it's center and the shuffling of undead looking to end your life. Nerial T'Rek 19-Heroic Up to 15 more minions in 2-3 groups may be present including: Teir'Dal butchers 19 partisans 19 champions 19 prelates 19 magus 19 and others Did I also mention that each time I killed him he and his minons respawned on less than a 30 second timer. While I was picking the spoils I found myself right back in the fight up to two more times. (by Akula)

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