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Lasydia (underwater) - Examine, and get quest
Quest: Lasydia's Call  (5lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Lasydia's Call is a quest you can get by right-clicking on the statue in a ruin-like structure not far from the waterfall, the statue will give you the water breathing spell for about 7 minutes. Your goal is to kill 10 Razortooth Sharks, upon completion you automatically recieve the Castaway Sash after the final shark is killed. The Castaway Sash is a belt for all classes at level 3, it gives you a +1 to Stamina and a +1 to Strength. Recommend level to start: 5 (by Tarotbound)
Shark Bladefin spawns sometimes in the middle of bay
Quest: Aquatic Research  (6lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
You kill bladefin and loot his research book. You use it and it gives you a quest to kill various underwater creatures, needlefang, reef turtle, sawtooth shark, shoal glider. When done you go talk to malvonicus in the tower and he gives you the reward, Bracer of the apprentice, 2-5 armor class max lvl 4. +2 int. (by Sotatn)(also verified by Faush)

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