11 The Tower of The Oracles

map: F00 Antonica

11 The Tower of The Oracles
(Coordinates: -1033,-629) submit help info
Oracle Ulinara
Quest: Tree Within a Tree  (20lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Quest reward: 3sp 88cp & recipe book: Gift of the Golden Acorn (Lore, No-trade, No-value) (Recipe for magic food: "Golden Acorn") (Recipe info: lvl 9 culinary; requires 1 acorn, 1 gold bar, 1 thylakoid oil, 1 fuel; produces 1 savory acorn) (by Pila of Grey Council on Crushbone)
Darvin Gallowyn For the Quest of the Betreyal: In the top of the Oracle Tower (by Ways)
Oracle Liandrin
Quest: Ruins Of Varsoon: Golem Creation Process  (20lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
There is 2 things that you have to do. So head on over to The Ruins of Varsoon #5 on the Thundering Steppes map:
1. Must examine the golem creation room. This is located at 06 on the Ruins of Varsoon map
2. Must examine the forge. This is located at 28 on the Ruins of Varsoon map Then return back to Oracle Liandrin Reward: 11s 67c Item: Ward of the Green Oracle: +3 int, +1 Agi, +3 Str, +13 Health, +11 Power, +60 vs cold, +60 vs heat, +60 vs poison.
(by Brisienna, Lucan DLere)

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