15 Mariner's Island

map: F00 Antonica

15 Mariner's Island
(Coordinates: 362,765) submit help info
Merchant Novak Part of the "Deliveries from Flores" quest. (by Luxakoin, Auspexius Lemantari, Lavastorm)
Ethurim Close to the Lighthouse.
Quest: The Tie That Binds  (8lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
I guess it's time I contributed to this website instead of just getting free info! This quest will allow you to change your "Call To Qeynos" location once it is completed. There are 4 clues (riddles) that you have to solve that will lead you to 4 different locations. They have to be done in order and all are located in Antonica! The quest can be picked up next to Lighthouse in Antonica. See Ethurien!
1) the answer is Water - go to the aqueduct at north end of Glade of the Coven. look for a tree next to aqueduct and run mouse over branches. They will light up and give you the option to climb tree. Climb tree and it will put you in the water inside the aqueduct. Examine globe in water!
2) the answer is Air - run over to a griffon tower (Oracle Tower is closest) and fly it to the Qeynos griffon tower. you will get the update while in the air.
3) the answer is Fire - leave Qeynos griffon tower and run east along southern shores. Go to Sir Jaeger's Camp and examine his campfire.
4) the answer is Earth - run north to Qeynos Highway (main road that runs east/west in Antonica, and touch road for update.
Your done! You receive a Knowledge Item that says you can "Set" your Spirit Bind. Go to wherever it is in Qeynos that you want, such as the mender in Starcrest Commune ;-) and activate the new spell. Now, when you use Call To Qeynos it will bring you right to that spot! (by Grunthor - Hands of Justice)

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