18 Qeynos Hill
Claymore Monument

map: F00 Antonica

18 Qeynos Hill
Claymore Monument
(Coordinates: -449,553) submit help info
Quest: A Frontiers Lady's Task  (14lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Speak witho Sighard Sayer. Return to Dancer. She sends you to the Training Dummy in Archer Woods ( big tree along the road with a training dummy near its base). Inspect it and place the arrow in it. Return to Dancer
Quest: Battle with the Timberclaws  (14lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
(must complete A Frontiers Lady s Task first)
Kill (X) timberclaw gnolls ( number varies for everyone average of 8 to 20) in the archer forest (the forest NW of Claymore monument.) Return to Dancer.
Ignar Steadirt
Quest: Access Quest: Lord Grimrot's Scythe  (18lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Speak with Grel Stoneshearer on a hilltop near the Keep of the Ardent Needles (keep near the Tower of Oracles - He is at the southern tower near the keep), Grelda Stonshearer is near the Keep of the GnollSlayer (very near griffin tower for Thundering Steppes - she is by a tree that is near the path from the griffin tower). Mortie Winghammer is near covered bridge (NW from Griffin Tower to Thundering Steppes - follow the river north. He is by a tree). Return to Ignar.
Kill Sabertooth runeslayers to get scythe (near Tower of oracles past rope bridge). Return to Ignar.
Kill Darkpaw runeslayers to get other half of scythe. Return to Ignar
I found darkpaw runecasters on hill northeast of entrance to Blackburrow and west of the scarecrows by Steppe Station. (by Solarri Silverblades - Oasis)
Reward: Access to Firemyst Gully
Wolfgang Constantine for the Quest of the Betreyal (by Ways)

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