07 The Village of Somborn

map: EoF 21 Loping Plains

07 The Village of Somborn
(Coordinates: -420,-30) submit help info
Havras "Hack" Scutter
Ihriel the Sorceress
Quest: Hexed and Vexed  add / see comments | submit help info
This quest is given by Ihriel the Sorceress, who is located at -444,8.77,-41, in the village of Somborn. Ihriel the Sorceress if found just inside the town of Somborn. It seems the animals in Somborn are ill, and Ihriel wants you to collect some items to help brew an antidote. You must collect: 8 Tormentil leaves (harvestables along "The Long Draw", a creek nearby. 4 Willowtip Bear livers 4 Mandrake roots, which are carried by Bummer Gang gravecallers. Return to Ihriel for your reward.
(by Blackburrow)

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