33 Tower of Vhalen

map: F00 Antonica

33 Tower of Vhalen
(Coordinates: -1300,45) submit help info
The tower Hrath stayed in, Hadden's Earring quest. (by Seri)
Bells of Vhalen (by Mark)
Quest: The Fallen Bell  (15lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Touch the bell in Vhalen's tower. This tower is built into the side of a mountain. You can reach it by going past the log cabin on Qeynos Highway and watching to your left. The Ghost of Vhalen appears there (at least at night) as a red group mob who will not talk. I bet he has some made loot. Kill 40 gnolls
Timothus Yelrow (outside)
Quest: Corroborating Existance of the Stormhold Library  (23lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Quest is to find the Library in Stormhold and take back evidence of its existance. There are many clickable items in the Library. Not sure what I picked up to give me the flag. Reward was 10% exp (at level 20) and 22 Sp. (by Aalien (20th illusionist) Clan Nan Dreolan, Permafrost Server)

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