09 The Freeport Observer

map: D08 Freeport: East Freeport

09 The Freeport Observer
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City Registrar Glamis (you can register guild here)
Quest: The Avatars of Betrayal  (18lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Zone: The Shattered Vale Spies have uncovered a plot between Celestial watch and the Sabertooth Clan to assassinate the Overlord. Zealots within the Temple of Light have summoned fierce avatars and shackled them to the will of the Gnoll High Shaman, hidden within the Shattered Vale of Antonica. City Registrar Glamis has ordered my guild to assemble a dozen of its strongest in defense of Freeport.
(by Paradron Stormbringer: The Storm: Bazaar)
Stilus Graphium
Quest: Hallmark: Freeport to Qeynos - Exile  (1lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
This is a betrayal quest from Freeport to Qeynos.
Remember that you cant do this quest solo, you will need group or friends. Cap is at 17 lvl. Description is taken from: Uncommon Valor an EverQuest II Guild Site - LOOK AT ORIGINAL INFO

Betrayal Quest Information - by Rhonen

You can start this Quest at level 10 to level 17 but I really do not recommend you activate this quest till at least level 14. I will explain why as you read this. When I give conned descriptions for the mobs in the Freeport area they are conned as a 14th level Druid. When I give conned descriptions for mobs in the Antonica area they are conned as a 16th level Druid.

1) At level 14 go to East Freeport and seek out Stilus Graphium. Stilus is on the 2nd floor of "The Freeport Observer."

2) Stilus will tell you to talk to Kenjedeau in the sewers below. Kenjedeau is actually in the Serpent Sewers zone. You can access the Serpent Sewers zone from The Thieves Way via the Big Bend zone in point.

3) Once in Serpent Sewers there will be a lot of aggro mobs at level 14th. In the Serpent Sewers you will first come to a "T" take the left branch. If you take the right branch you’ll meet up with a ton of very nasty casters and you may not survive. The best thing I can say is to put on your sneakers and run like the blazes until you find Kenjedeau. Kenjedeau is near some other NPC’s in the back a bit. The nice thing about this is that there is a Guard that WILL kill mobs for you if you have a train following you. Providing of course you can survive long enough for the Guard to kill them all before they kill you. v 4) Warning: Read this before talking to Kenjedeau. Once you talk to Kenjedeau you will be ported into an instanced zone. You will have to fight 3 mobs, 2 of which are grouped (at least when I pulled one I got 2 instead) . This first group was a Yellow and a Yellow with a single down arrow. Take these two out and rest up to full strength for the 3rd mob. The 3rd mob is named "The Bonebreaker" he’s only a Yellow with a red outline so he should not be so hard on you.

5) Once you take out "The Bonebreaker" remove ALL your gear and be totally nakkie for this next part. The reason is that you WILL die. There is no option here and you WILL loose a spirit shard in this next step. Once all your gear is removed then open the door that Bonebreaker was standing in front of and you will get a scene with the Overlord. After your dead you’ll be zoned to the Commonlands.

6) In the Commonlands you’ll be next to "Executioner Selindi." Talk to her and she will tell you that you need to go to Antonica and speak with Vishra. Vishra is the main NPC for this entire Quest. You will go and talk to Vishra several times during this very lengthy quest.

7) Put on your gear and run to the Commonland docks. The boat if it is not there will arrive shortly. Take the Boat to Nektulos Forest. Ring the Bell in Nektulos Forest and it will take you to Thundering Stepps. In Thundering Stepps take the boat to Antonica.

8 ) Once in Antonica you can find Vishra on the southern edge of the Antonica map just past Blackburrow and the Gnoll Waterfall at -1924, -14, -14,757.

9) Speak with Vishra and you will receive the bulk of the quest items you must complete before you proceed further. You must kill the following: 500 Gnolls, Dancord of The Pine, Sarn The Wayfarer, Towyn The lazy, Crugybar The Rock and Nantglas The Cold. The 500 Gnolls can be any Gnolls at least they were when I did it. The easy way to do this is just slaughter low level grey Gnolls. You don’t get any exp but they mow down quickly and since you have to kill 500, quick is nice. Of the 5 named Gnolls, two are in Blackburrow and 3 are in Antonica. When you zone into Blackburrow you can find Crugybar inside the mine area. Find the entrance that has some mine cart tracks and just follow it to the far back area. Just keep to the right and you’ll eventually get to Crugybar’s area. Nantglas The Cold spawns on a little shelf of rock past the place in Blackburrow that you must dive under to reach. If you ever hunted Blackburrow you’ll know this area. If not, when you first zone into Blackburrow and head straight in and you’ll see water and some Angler Gnolls. That is the area. Just follow the water and dive down through the hole and come back up and you’ll see the small ledge that he spawns on. Dancord of The Pine spawns in the forest area just North of the Blackburrow entrance. Towyn The Lazy spawns on the beach around -900, ???, 900 or so. Towyn’s beach is west of Blackburrow. Just follow the southern coast and you’ll find it easy enough. Sarn The Wayfarer spawns on the hillside near The Keep of The Gnollslayers. Just follow the left fork of the road as it passes the Keep and you’ll see him if he’s up. All 5 of these Gnolls conned Yellow with 2 up arrows.

10) Once you completed this part go talk to Vishra again. Vishra will tell you to go talk to Timothy Cooper.

11) Timothy Cooper can be found on the dock NW of Windstalker Village and North of the Ruins of Caltorais. Lot’s of aggro here so be careful of mobs.

12) Timothy will tell you to talk to Felzik Dursin. Warning: Once you talk to Felzik he will aggro on you and you must kill him. Use a decent sized group. Again Felzik is yellow with 2 up arrows. All those in the party that needs the quest will get credit off of one kill of Felzik. Felzik can be found in Windstalker Village pretty much walking up and down near one of the stores waiting for someone to come along and take him out.

13) Time to talk to Vishra again. Vishra will tell you to speak to Darvin Gallowyn. Do not be coy here and ALWAYS choose correctly if you value your coin purse. Darvin is located at the Oracle Tower on the top floor. Your log book will update and you will then have to talk to Wolfgang Constantine.

14) Wolfgang Constantine is located at the Claymore Statue south of the two towers which are located east of the north Qeynos gate. Again follow the prompts and choose wisely if you value your pocket book. Again your log will update and you will be directed to talk to Sialla Windwhisper.

15) Sialla can be found near a tree just north of the Keep of the Gnollslayers. You may have seen her when you went hunting for Sarn. Talk to Sialla and again follow the prompts.

16) Time to talk to Vishra yet again but this time your getting very close to the end. Vishra tells you to talk to the Magistrate Rachelle and confess your sins.

17) Outside N. Qeynos Gates you will see two towers. Rachelle spawns on the bottom floor of the most southern of those two towers. If Rachelle is not up she will eventually spawn. Rachelle does not respawn on server up for some reason. Follow the prompts.

18 ) Talk to Vishra for the last time and your now a full citizen of Qeynos.

A newb Freeport solo exp guide: - by Balisongz

L1-6: Isle of Refuge (blues through yellows = fastest exp)
L6-9: citizen ship quest & The Ruins (greens through whites, preferribly blues)
L9-10: This will come from your class quest.
L10-12: The Sprawl (green/blues are fastest, but white are doable)
L12+: Commonlands (green/blue are fastest, but white are doable)
L15-16: accept Betrayal quest & begin it.
Your level cap will be L17 once you accept until you finish it.
Scribe Zizwold
Quest: Scribe Zizwold's List  (20lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Need to gather the items from the list: 1 grizzly feather from ash owlbear, 5 shimmering blue wings from Asilian faries, 5 arachneidae blood hairs from arachneidae hatchling.
bookcase book "The Nine Contemplations"
Quest: The Nine Contemplations  (20lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Kirsteh the Gnome Witch
Quest: Kirsteh's Components - I  (21lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Wizard Armor Quest 1 (by Chad)
Quest: Kirsteh's Components - II  (22lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Wizard Armor Quest 2.
Quest: Kirsteh's Components - III  (23lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Wizard Armor Quest 3
Quest: Kirsteh's Components - IV  (24lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Wizard Armor Quest 4.
Quest: Kirsteh's Components - V  (25lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Wizard Armor Quest 5.
Quest: Kirsteh's Components - VI  (26lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
book on the ground #1
Quest: 1st Lieutenant Danarg, 291 AS  (37lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Kill 10 brush constrictors (Feerrott) (by YC)
book on the ground #2
Quest: Splitpaw Down Under, Part Two  (20lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Kill 4 Deathfist Sentinels in Zek. (by YC)

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