map: D14 The Ruins

(Coordinates: -20,125) submit help info
Quests not linked to specific location
An Orcish Axe Its drop of Orcs, examine it
Quest: An Axe's Revenge  (10lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Slay 6 exiled orcs in The Ruins
Ringleader Radko (he spawns randomly, he is solo) kill him, pick loot: A broken musicbox, examine it.
Quest: Reward For A Missing Music Box  (12lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Find Lucilla Quietus
Fairy Seekers The leader of the fairy seekers is named "Xel Fyara" and can be searched with the help of the guards (find npc). I saw them on a windday, first I noticed them was shortly after 8PM, I followed them around and saw them despawn at 1AM (ingame time with /time). (by Lurieth on Lucan D'Lere)
I found that there are two groups of faries roaming in the zone, in addition to Xel there is also Wele Lyoli who is also an NPC. I ran in to them at 10:48 PM Windday, Stargazing 25. (by Ivod on Runnyeye)

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