02 to Commonlands

map: J00 Nektulos Forest

02 to Commonlands
(Coordinates: -220,272) submit help info
Stro Dejoir (At zone entrance to Common Lands- JRais Bridge)
Quest: Heritage: The Journey is half the Fun - Nektulos Forest  (25lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
This part of the quest is difficult to do but comes with a nice reward. Runners Ring. To do this quest be prepard for a long fast run, with no mistakes, because any mistake will cost seconds that you dont have to spare. I needed a Ranger to join me on the quest so I could take advantage of EVAC to finish it. I really dont see how this quest can be done without EVAC, but for all those who try.... Good Luck. The route is as follows:
1) Behemouth Pond. (fastest way here is to go left from Stro (NPC) and follow river up then swim across to the island).
2) Gargoyle Gorge. (no secrets and no avoiding aggro if your level 35 or lower, just dont stop running.)
3) Nektropos Castle. (Quest will update near front of castle. as soon as it does turn around and sprint out. If your lower then 35 you should have a nice train on you by now)
4) N'Marrs Ascent. (OK HERE IS THE TRICK. Dont Go Down The ramp. The quest will update near the top of the ramp on the cliff face. Keep running WEST along cliff and you will see a rock ledge below you. If your careful you can fall to that ledge and not die. This took me 3 attempts to get it right. RUN to the ledge, DONT JUMP. Unless of course you have safe-fall then your ok. Continue on down the cliff face to the bottom. You may need to stop for a quick heal. HOWEVER, you have just cut 10 to 15 seconds off your clock by not having to run down N-Marrs Ascent.)
5) D'Abath Bridge. (Simple just run across)
6) Port Naythex. (Quest will update as soon as you enter the beach. By now you have about 20 seconds left on the clock. This is where you need to EVAC back to starting point at J'Rais Bridge. Once you are on the bridge run to the north end of the bridge and quest will finish and you have 8 seconds to spare.)
This quest is Very Tight on time. Since I am a Templar with no horse and rely only on my feet, my friendly Ranger doing the quest with me was my only sure way of completing it. Even with the Ranger and me it still took 7 attempts. Each previous attempt failed by merely seconds. If you find a better/faster way please let everyone know. GOOD LUCK!!!!
(by Devine)

After doing this part, you'll be asked to go to Zek.

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