03 Nektropos Castle

map: J00 Nektulos Forest

03 Nektropos Castle
(Coordinates: -1448,-1840) submit help info
(by FenixStryk of Freeport, Befallen | Rankaras, Befallen)
Nektropos Castle is a instanced zone. Quest for access is done in Nek Forest. Being an instanced zone it is only accessable once durring a certain amount of time. It's believed that if you leave voluntarily you can return in 8 hours. If you die and have to retrieve your shard, it's 6 days...this is rumour at this point though. Great thing: No one else shares the zone with you. It's only ever your group in there, so have 5 faithful friends who will stay several hours because the loss of more then two people will significantly hamper your success. There are several "events" that can be triggered, so plan on fighting and staying. Great place to grind and quest together.
(by Uleras, Ancient Guardians, Antonia Bayle)
Quest: Hallmark: The Everling Lockets  (30lvl) add / see comments | submit help info

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