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map: E01 Thieves Way

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The Darkblade Dagger Drop from a Darkblade Scout/Fury
Quest: The Darkblade Dagger  (15lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Drop from a Darkblade Scout/Fury. Look at the dagger and you're told to kill 10 diseased ratongas and the dagger will reward you. (mofu server: runnyeye)
The Failed Assassin Get from a dropped note from critter.
Quest: The Failed Assassin  add / see comments | submit help info
(by Franzbarbi, Saints of the True Covenant, Unrest server)
Shining Black Orb
Quest: Shining Black Orb  (8lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
A chest dropped after killing a Darkblade Body guard, white to me as a lvl 10 Predator, and inside was a Shining Black Orb. I Examined it and it was the trapped essence of someone placed in there by netherot chanelers. After reading the soul's story it asks you to kill 5 netherot chanelers. After doing so I recieved some coin, some xp and a necklace.
(by Pillagge - Phoenix - Highkeep)

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