08 to Library

map: F06 Stormhold Keep II

08 to Library
(Coordinates: -4,-120) submit help info
Teleporting to The Library -- When you arrive at the room on the map (mind the monsters) you will notice an alcove with a dolphin statue in front of you. There are two floor drains in front of this statue, to either side. Click on the left (north) drain and you will teleport to a bedroom adjacent to the Library. There is usually a level 24 ^^^ defiled squall in this room. He typically faces away from the entrance, but you still have to get past him to open the door to the Library. (by Azaran)
a book
Quest: Legend and Lore: Skeleton  (20lvl) add / see comments | submit help info
Can be found in library click on green book on the floor. (by Akula)

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