Of Spars, Sails, and... Quest

starting map: B02 Qeynos: Qeynos Harbor
starting location: 02 Mariner's Bell
NPC: Dajor Botswein
link to map:B02 Qeynos: Qeynos Harbor | Dajor Botswein
optimal level: 25

Dajor needs helping finding parts of ships that were stolen by Pirates. He gives some clues when you first get the quest, hinting at Thundering Steppes. You need to recover the lost items: a ships spar, sail and map.

I've found one item, the map, in Fish's Alehouse in Qeynos Harbor. Inspect one of the wheels hanging on the wall near the bar to discover the map. I haven't found any other items, searched most of Qeynos Harbor and the docks and village in TS. Also checked the Inns in SQ and NQ. No luck yet.
(by Ecotia)
You must find 3 things 1. A ship's spar- Qeynos Harbor next to the Fishs Alehouse and Inn loc +816.85, +30.74 its a barrel 2. A ship's sail- Qeynos Harbor behind the Fishs Alehouse and Inn loc +797.44, -47.50 its a barrel 3. A ship's map- Qeynos Harbor inside the Fishs Alehouse and Inn loc +804.38, +63.23 its a ships wheel Once you find these you need to go back to Dajor Botswein. Then he sends you to Thundering Steppes to search for the ship's lamp. Head to loc +754.94, +927.89. Its close to where Osid Bolderboom is in the riverbed. There are 4 A pirate's spawn there. lvl 27 no up arrow. Just normal ones. Don't know if they spawn with quest or a timer. Once you have killed them head back to Qeynos Harbor and talk to Dajor Botswein again. Dajor Botswrein sends you too Barmaid Drinna in Qeynos Harbor loc +786.46, +85.19 to get your reward. Reward: 4s 71c Item: Insidious Clasps +3 sta, +2 agi, +2 str, +12 Health, +12 power, +40 vs Cold, +40 vs divine, +80 vs mental Armor class 34. This opens another quest from Barmaid Drinna called From Sea to Sea.
(by Brisienna, Lucan DLere)

Map: B02 Qeynos: Qeynos Harbor

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