Two Wrongs Do not make a Right Quest

starting map: C03 Crypt of Betrayal
starting location: Unlinked to the specific location
NPC: a sullied illegible note
link to map:C03 Crypt of Betrayal | a sullied illegible note
optimal level: 30

Start off by reading "a sullied illegible note" chest droped. Too get item it is chest droped. Got mine from restless corpse. Then examine the note. It says "I should try to find the original grave of the undead rogue" The corpse is at loc +85.88, -69.28. Once there make sure you have a group ready. Becuase once you click on corpse a name will spawn "Irisor the Insane" lvel 25^. You must kill this name. After killing him you have to look at the note. It tells you "I should look for the hidden blade in the Windstalker Village in Antonica" Goto Antonica #57 on the map. Its a rcok then you have to click on at loc -1911.90, -514.51. Then "Irisor the Insane" 27^ spawns. You have to kill. Once dead read note again. It tells you too "I should find the hidden handles somewhere near the gaints in the Thundering Steppes. You need to head to loc +389.00, +890.41 Close to 23 on TS map. "Irisor the Insane" spawns level 28 ^^ that you must kill. Once dead you have to read note again. It tells you too "I should find the remaining pieces within the Ruins of Varsoon. So had to Varsoon. Loc 145, 33.73 in the celler. There is a purple bottle on the right hand side in the first room on the right. Once you click it "Irisor the Insane" ^29 will spawn again. Kill him. Once dead you must read note again. You get 2 Shame stats are +3 Agi, +6 Str, +12 Health, +20 Power 8-24 at level 32
(by Brisienna, Lucan DLere)

Map: C03 Crypt of Betrayal

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