Tallon Reserves Quest

starting map: K00 Zek
starting location: Unlinked to a specific location
NPC: Tallon Ale
link to map:K00 Zek | Tallon Ale
optimal level: 30

Lvl28-32. Quest begins with an uncommon drop, 'Tallon Ale', obtained from killing Tallon Grunts nearest to the docks. Examine the ale bottle, and you are given a quest called 'Tallon Reserves'...all that is needed to complete this quest is to kill any Tallon Grunts in the area until the quest updates 3 times.
Reward (at lvl30) 2.5-3% quest XP, 3 units of Cool Ale.
(by Cyrinx, Guardian, Innothule)

Map: K00 Zek

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