Access Quest: The Maid for the Mist Quest

starting map: J00 Nektulos Forest
starting location: 05 Port Naythex, Scout Camp
NPC: Daisy Winterhope
link to map:J00 Nektulos Forest | Daisy Winterhope
optimal level: 30

Part I: Speak to Daisy Winterhope at 775, -0, -182
(a) collect 25 Nerius Crab carapaces - need to kill ~30 crabs on beach to collect -return to Daisy
(b) collect 13 Owlbear Sinews - need to kill ~18 owlbears (416, -0, -556) -return to Daisy
Part II: find fishermen impersonator Speak to Seamist Fairy Nerina (beside dock on beach)
(a) speak to fishermen Aurvill & Djaani (by tent, beside dock)
(b) speak to fisherman Draxlix (northeast up coast from dock - SPAWN TIMER 5-15 minutes)
(c) follow Draxlix back to loc of Aurvill/Djaani, Draxlix spawns into target creature
(d) kill Draxlix monster - lvl 30 ^^
(e) speak to Seamist Fairy Narina
(f) speak with Captain Corrigan (on docks - 796, 6, -121) - say you are ready and go to EL bell at end of dock.
(g) WAIT FOR YOUR GROUP to update from captain and all surround bell closely at end of dock
(h) someone needing access rings bell for team
Part III - onboard the ship - Maid for the Mist
(a) all go to upper deck
(b) all hail captain
(c) several waves of creatures will spawn (short break betwen waves)
(d) final wave will include boss - Lord Zaavan (lvl 29 ^^) & 4 helpers
(e) kill boss, speak to captain and choose to 'go ashore' Congradulations, you now have access to the Enchanted Lands.
-NOTE: it is usually best to (1) fight the boss on the main ship deck, (2) kill the boss first. The helpers have a lot of hps and do low damage - the boss hits HARD (often killing casters in 2 blows). Non-tank group members can survive being hit on by the helpers (if tank has problems maintaining aggro), while boss is killed. Reccomended to have chanter/coercer in group and level 27+ tank with taunt ability.
(by Praxxas of Mythic Heroes, Lavastorm Server)

Map: J00 Nektulos Forest

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