Stitches in Time Quest

starting map: M00 Feerrott
starting location: Unlinked to a specific location
NPC: Tattered Robe
link to map:M00 Feerrott | Tattered Robe
optimal level: 35

This quest is dropped by anything in the Feerrott, though stated by a developer mostly by Huuptics on the beach by the docks, in a normal chest (extremely rare). The dropped item is called a "Tattered Robe" and if you get the tattered robe you can examine it and get the quest regardless of level, thus there is no level requirment.
The quest entails getting 20 mining updates from any Tier 5 mining spot, 10 updates from any Tier 5 gathering spot, and a fine hair which can be obtained off of Vale Nymph Seedlings in Rivervale (beware it's like a mastery update).
The reward is "The Robe of the Invoker:" Lore/Attuned (maybe no Trade after the Feb 17th patch not sure) +10 Agility +6 Strength +5 Intelligence (Supposedly after the patch I have not confirmed it myself) +20 Health +36 Power +194 Disease +532 Magic Proc: Essence Replenishment (faster regen in and out of battle, much less substantial in battle) AC: 182 (when mastered) Skill: Very Light Armor Required: 200 Mastery: 240 Slot: Chest Weight: 0.8
(by Daerovyn, Server Toxxulia)

Map: M00 Feerrott

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