The Farmer's Ring Quest

starting map: D06 Freeport: South Freeport
starting location: 16
NPC: Lavic N'Gam
link to map:D06 Freeport: South Freeport | Lavic N'Gam
optimal level: 16

You don't have to follow it this way, but this was the way i did it, it seemed fast enough
Step 1: Follow the road from W Freeport to the Crossroads
Step 2: Pass through the crossroads
Step 3: Take the road out of the Crossroads to the N until you get credit
Step 4: Take the road out of the Crossroads to the W and follow it across the little river
Step 5: Run off the road towards the Shin'Ree, between them and the East Nomad Camp, wander there until you get credit
Step 6: Kill farmers for a random auto-drop
Step 7: Go back and talk to Lavin, then go to the two mausoleums W of the East Nomad Camps and search the red skeleton on the ground in front of one
Step 8: Go back to Lavin for your reward.
Little time-consuming if you're unlucky with the farmers, and unless you're grouped you'll have trouble with the mobs farmers are in until level 17 or 18 (i didn't find this until level 27, so i don't quite remember how tough they are).
(by Edri - Lucan D'Lere Server)

Map: D06 Freeport: South Freeport

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