Half Pint Help Quest

starting map: G01 The Ruins of Varsoon
starting location: 20
NPC: Dibble Rootweaver
link to map:G01 The Ruins of Varsoon | Dibble Rootweaver
optimal level: 30

"I found the most peculiar halfling imprisoned within the Ruins of Varsoon. Even more odd was his concern for completing his task of gathering components for his master., he had no regard for own well being, just his task at hand. So I decided to help him. I need to discover the key material components Dibble had taken when he was imprisoned. Well the stuff has to be around her some where, or some of the creatures down here have it." You need to find Dibble's Satchel dull metal fragments bar of indescibable metal travelling alchemy kit jar of blue fluid the research manual When the quest is done you must go to Armorer Peona in Baubbleshire is what he tell you. No more info on where the things drop just yet.
(by Cinamonia,Brohamijarnomirinar,Highkeep)

Map: G01 The Ruins of Varsoon

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