Access Quest: The Crossing of the Fanged Sea Quest

starting map: K00 Zek
starting location: 09
NPC: Rath'Adran
link to map:K00 Zek | Rath'Adran
optimal level: 40

I figured since logging in for at least three days due to zero vitality and 12% XP debt, I could jot down my experiences attempting to complete the Everfrost access quest, otherwise known as "The Crossing of the Fanged Sea" quest given by Rath'Adran in Zek, the Orcish Wastes. Everfrost access occurs gratis at level 42, but many elect to do the boatride for earlier icy goodness. Many higher level players do this quest simply to eliminate it from their hallmark quests section of their quest journals since these cannot be deleted. This quest, as noted on other websites dedicated to questing, has two subquests which must be accomplished prior to hopping on the boat. The first is "Of Sea, Sails, and Slumber," given by Biddy Bobick at the Enchanted Lands docks, and the second is "Tinmizer's Astounding Frost Disruptor" given by Rath'Adran when you've completed the first sub-quest. The details of the subquests are beyond the scope of this post, however I will say that there is a part of "Tinmizer's Astounding Frost Disruptor" that normally requires a 40ish tank to accomplish that you can skip.

Rath'Adran tells you to go to the Tower of Drafling to find out about the parts for the Frost Disruptor. The fight to the Drafling tower in Rivervale is exceedingy painful for a group in the mid-to-upper 30's, so simply going to the locations where these items are will update the quest without ever having to step foot in that hairy part of Rivervale. The first part can be found in the southermost buidling at Tagglefoot Farms in Enchanted Lands. The second piece is in Zek. Rather than give a loc, I'll describe how to get there: Follow the road from the docks toward Deathfist Citadel. As you approach the Sullon mill, you will be forced to cross two gates in the road. If you take a sharp left after crossing the first gate, you will end up in a narrow valley full of bears and orcs. At the end of the valley is a small orc fort with several orcs and buildings inside. The second part of Tinmizer's Frost Disruptor is in the building furthest to the rear and to the right. Once these two pieces are acquired, Rath'Adran gives you some dialogue and then suggests you get your crew together for the Crossing of the Fanged Sea. The bell to Everfrost is opposite of the Thundering Steppes bell in Zek, on the far dock. This is where it gets fun. I do not know what to recommend for group makeup, other than that your tank should be formidible. Your tank will be the lynchpin on this trip. My recommended setup is as follows: One tank, as high as you can get, two healers, one scout, two elective classes. One healer of sufficient skill or level can replace two lesser healers, but the high level tank and scout are crucial. In my case, this was attempted with: 47 Berserker 36 Templar 36 Fury 36 Guardian 36 Monk 38 Dirge When the group clicks into "The Fanged Sea," it will find itself on a boat just like every other boat ride since the tutorial. The first difference that you'll see is one of Tinmizer's Frost Disruptors at each end of the boat. Rath'Adran is captaining the vessel. **Note** This encounter is buggy. Of the four times I've done it, two failed due to bugs in the script or due to a mob falling off the boat. More on that later. Tinmizer's Frost Disruptors are there for a reason. They prevent Frost Frights from spawning. A Frost Fight is a level 40ish (no ^ or ^^) ice skeleton that has a pretty big aggro range and *loves* healers. It is critical to have two people pre-designated to operate these devices. Our strategy was to have the scout sneak/hide at the bow of the ship (on the bowsprit actually) as far from mob spawns as possible and yet able to operate the Tinmizer device there. Everyone else congregated as far back on the poop deck as possible. Once Rath'Adran is hailed, the encounter will begin. **IMPORTANT** From this point on, the Tinmizer devices must be operating at all times. They must be started, and maintained every minute, after which a particle effect will surround it and it will frost over, becoming inoperable. As soon as this happens, it must be right clicked and "Wipe away frost" must be selected. Five seconds later, a new option will appear to "Restart the device." This must be done, or a new wave of skeletons will pop and aggro on the party. Periodically, the device should also be clicked on and the "wind" option should be selected. In truth, even if skeletons spawn, they won't aggro on the party if it is flush back against the back of the ship. The problem here is that multiple waves of skeletons can (and do) spawn on top of each other, so that by the time the boat ride is into it's 10th minute, what appears to be four skeletons may actually be 16 or more. If anyone moves out of position even slightly, all of these will decend upon the party and probably slay the healers. Soon after the encounter begins, Sky Marshall Brynhild will spawn on the deck and confront Rath'Adran. She will tell him to turn the ship around, and he'll refuse. A fight will ensure in which Rath'Adran kills the Sky Marshall. Waves of Valkyries will begin spawning, some at the bow and some at the stern. The party only needs to be concerned about the rear Valkyries now, and they should be killed as quickly as possible. The main tank should remain pressed against the aft bulkhead and continue killing aggroing skeletons and Valkyries until Rath'Adran leaves the wheel of the ship and walks down to the main mast. Once he's there he will transform into a level 42 ^^^ dragon. RIGHT NOW HE IS NON-AGGRO. Don't worry about him. If you have done things right, your scout is still invisible at the front of the boat happilly cranking on his Tinmizer device. There will also be an assload of skeletons at and Valkyries on the front half of the ship and a big black dragon on the main deck. At this point, the tank will begin clearing all of the valkyries and skeletons that have not been dealth with, leaving the dragon for last. These should be pulled via ranged weapon to the poop deck, obviously. When all are dead, the dragon should remain solo on the main deck. Some things to consider: Crafted weapons will not hit the dragon. I do not know if Heritage weapons will. I attempted to hit the dragon with Pristine Conditioned Oak Fighting Batons, a Pristine Conditioned Oak Bo Staff, a Deathfist Utility Prod, and each of these were useless. Most of my non-fist or kick combat arts returned the message "Target is too powerful." My bare fist seemed to hit OK. The dragon itself is not terribly difficult, but it IS very much an endurance fight. Tinmizer's devices must continue to be maintained or skeletons will add during dragon fight. I cannot stress how important keeping on top of this is for the success of the group. The group's objective is to get the dragon down to 20% health, at which point it will give up and fly away. Since the mob does not die to grant experience or loot, and especially because this is an endurance fight, it is best to /yell as soon as the dragon is pulled to ensure the group is fighting with maximum health and power regeneration. In addition the dragon's primary attack, it does have an AE breath weapon which our primarily level 36 group found to be more a nuisance than an outright threat. One healer claimed the AE mana-drained her, but nobody else in the group observed this behavior. Assuming the group is able to lower the dragon's health to 20%, the encounter is over and congratulations are in order. The group has just successfully finished a very difficult encounter and gained access to one of the coolest zones in the game!
Related Quests: Of Sea, Sails, and Slumber / Tinmizer's Astounding Frost Disruptor.
(by Jericho Kane, Guardians of Drinal, Antonia Bayle)

Ps. With the last major patch, this encounter was nerfed to triviality. The dragon now spawns as a 42^^ instead of a ^^^, and in addition, many of bugs have been worked out. We made several erros on the Tinmizer devices on our last run and only managed to spawn skeletons once. Any solid group of 35’s can do this boatride now.

Map: K00 Zek

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