The Blood of the Bear, Part Three Quest

starting map: G01 The Ruins of Varsoon
starting location: 10 tomes, Tome of Death
NPC: book - RoV
link to map:G01 The Ruins of Varsoon | book - RoV
optimal level: 25

Many of the pages are missing, but I think it may be possible to locate them. Kill the following monsters in the Enchanted Lands; Page 1: 7 feral lashers Page 2: 4 sand snappers Page 3: 6 seamist maidens Page 4: 7 sand snappers Page 5: 8 feral lashers Page 6: 7 void shriekers Page 7: 7 seamist maidens Page 8: 6 large valetail trout Page 9: 8 feral lashers Reward: The Blood of the Bear, Part Three Book (placeable in home) and 6% XP @ lvl 37. (by Promagnum (Wizard, Blackburrow))

Map: G01 The Ruins of Varsoon

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