Far Seas Requisition Special Contract #NF112 Quest

starting map: J00 Nektulos Forest
starting location: 01 Mariner's Bell
NPC: Taskmaster D'Zran
link to map:J00 Nektulos Forest | Taskmaster D'Zran
optimal level: 25

Get 4 gauntlets from Rallosian Ghosts in Thundering Steppes. Harvest 12 exceptionally pungent roots from the rancid roots in Nektulos Forest. Visit Soul Eater Falls, Death's Maw, Black Water Lake, and Headstone Walkway in Nektulos forest.
This quest is given by the Taskmaster on the Docks in Nektulos Forest, but in quest journal is listed under Thundering Steppes.
(by Destructra, Shades of Darkness, Lavastorm)

Map: J00 Nektulos Forest

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