Door to Door Delivery Quest

starting map: F00 Antonica
starting location: 57 Windstaker Village
NPC: Hartok Woolyman
link to map:F00 Antonica | Hartok Woolyman
optimal level: 10

Hartok is behind the counter in the same building with the bookcase for Windstalker Rumbler and Motte quests as well as Licha and Blarton. This is a followup to Patchwork Rugs from Hartok. Steps:
1) Deliver Rugs to Bennet in Gnollslayer Keep (38 on the map).
2) Speak to Hartok.
Reward: coins (forgot to check the total) and Bear Skin Cap: 41 mitigation +2 wis, +3 health, +3 power, +20 vs divine (by Ashini of Faydark)

Map: F00 Antonica

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