A Crumpled Note Quest

starting map: C01 The Down Below
starting location: Unlinked to the specific location:
NPC: a note
link to map:C01 The Down Below | a note
optimal level: 10

I found a note while exploring the catacomes. At first I wasn't particularly interested, but it seems that once I finally opened it, the note contained some information as to a plot. I have decided to take this note to the [Three Towers, Temple of Life, Steel Warriors] guild and speak with the [mages, preists, fighters] about it.

I need to find a mage at the Three Towers interested in the note. * South Qeynos - Amren Talbot I need to find a preist at the Temple of Life interested in the note. * North Qeynos - Priest Ian Turner I need to find a fighter at the Steel Warriors guild interested in the note. * Qeynos Harbor - Sir Aidan Godard Money Reward. (by Horroscope)

Map: C01 The Down Below

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