Attack of the Killer Bears Quest

starting map: F00 Antonica
starting location: 57 Windstaker Village
NPC: Hartok Woolyman
link to map:F00 Antonica | Hartok Woolyman
optimal level: 17

Hartok is behind the counter in the same building with the bookcase for Windstalker Rumbler and Motte quests as well as Licha and Blarton. This is a followup to 'Patchwork Rugs' and 'Door to Door Delivery' from Hartok. Steps:
1) Find bear stalking Hartok (the bear is found in the Invasion of the Vale instance of the Shattered Vale after you take out the magi and what is summoned in the portal). It is called a Windstalker Grizzly.
2) Return to Hartok.
Reward: 1 silver 68 copper. (by Ashini of Faydark)

How to get access to the instance:
1) Find a Giantslayer messenger nearby (he's at the nearest crossroad)
2) Kill the 2 wolves around his body
3) Search the body to get the message. You then receive a letter to Shivo. Read it. It gives you the quest Invasion of the Vale.
(by Nifnif@Lucan DLere, Storms of Vengeance)

Map: F00 Antonica

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