Hail to the Derris Heroes Quest

starting map: K00 Zek
starting location: 54
NPC: Derris Stone Marker
link to map:K00 Zek | Derris Stone Marker
optimal level: 32

I have learned of the Derris Brigade heroes having gravestones in the area. I will keep an eye out for the gravestones of the Derris Brigade Heroes.
I have found 3 of the 5 stones surrounding the lake. The lake is located under the bridge leading to Deathfist Citadel. Not the moat. (by Shadowlrd)

Map: K00 Zek

comments and responses

The quest stone is at the lakes north beach. One gravestone is next to it, another is on the right beach north of Grozmag, and one is in the little camp with the Deathfist toilers.
Thessaloniki, Runnyeye
20/04/2005 20:15

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