Watch Your Step In The Thundering Stepps Part 1 Quest

starting map: G00 Thundering Steppes
starting location: 01 to Antonica
NPC: Jacques
link to map:G00 Thundering Steppes | Jacques
optimal level: 20

1. Speak with Jacques, and he askes you to deliver mail to: Blerton Blumble loc: -473.49 -416.43 at the Docks in Thundering Stepps. (He is partly hidden by some crates, next to Reinkor McCollin). (Note: On the way at Loc: 133.03 -827.62 you might be attacked by 2x Lvl 20 weak Dogs). I was attacked there and on the way back.
2. After delivering the letter: Blerton Blumble asks you to look for his lost Grandpa Blumble. You can find Grandpa Blumble at Loc: -95.65 -954.93 (Which is the same entrance to the Pirates X marks the Spot on the beach). Grandpa Blumble is right at the end of the cave. After speaking to Grandpa Blumble he offers the Quest to look for Grandma Blumble: (Have no idea where she is).
3. Return back to Blerton Blumble and he give you the choice of 3 weapons, I took the Blertons Cane +5 str +4 Health + 5 Power.
4. Return to Jacques for a Reward of +5 Silver. (by Iggulden)

Map: G00 Thundering Steppes

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