Start of Something Big Quest

starting map: L00 The Enchanted Lands
starting location: 02 Docks
NPC: Deputy Nettlebrine
link to map:L00 The Enchanted Lands | Deputy Nettlebrine
optimal level: 35

Deputy Nettlebrine near the Enchanted Lands' docks asked me to help retrieve some artifacts she'd been storing for a museum about the history of Misty Thicket and Rivervale. I need to recover some stolen artifacts. Deputy Nettlebrine believes some "mischievous fairies and sirens" took them. Items to find - an old rangers mask an ivy etched gladius a proudfoot platemail breastplate an ancient bravefoot helm a collectible jumjum flask an animal cookie mold Just got it & assume any fairies and sirens here in EL will update it. (by Walkalot@faydark)

Map: L00 The Enchanted Lands

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