Hate Can Sustain You Quest

starting map: J00 Nektulos Forest
starting location: 70 Thexian Camp
NPC: Jaeta H'arn
link to map:J00 Nektulos Forest | Jaeta H'arn
optimal level: 26

(you must do "Earn the Right" quest first)

It's a book quest that you get from Jaeta H'arn on the beach. "Jaeta H'arn has given me a book that I must read. To read the book I must feed it blood."
1) First part is 5 motley kodiaks (easy)
2) Next is three asilian vandals , wich are just east of the mound lake and the queen fairy.
3) Rotting rumbleroots (black water lake)
(by Sedagg, Eternal Guardians, Everfrost)<

(unlocks "We Live for the Kill" quest)

Map: J00 Nektulos Forest

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