Cold Forged Armor V Quest

starting map: D08 Freeport: East Freeport
starting location: 13 Hallard's Bolt and Arrow
NPC: Dyric Pire
link to map:D08 Freeport: East Freeport | Dyric Pire
optimal level: 25

1. Kill 24 torrent beavers (behemoth pond)
2. Kill 20 nerius crabs (beach)
3. Kill 18 dragoon patrolmen (N'marr's Ascent)
4. Kill Gul'Thex Elite Guard (South of Gul'Thex Citadel) reward is of course another part of Cold Forged armor.
(by Sedagg, Eternal Guardians, Everfrost)

Map: D08 Freeport: East Freeport

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