Noxious Beeswax Quest

starting map: J00 Nektulos Forest
starting location: 71
a rumbleroot sapling
a immense tree snake
NPC: something #1 - NF
link to map:J00 Nektulos Forest | something #1 - NF
optimal level: 25

Need to retrieve decaying honeycomb from the Deathbone Bees in Nektulos Forest. Also, after you get the honeycomb you need to find a camp of Dark Elves, the camp they want is the one by the zone to cauldron hollow on the beach. you click on a box and put the honeycomb in it. The reward is EXP only. Also, i got my honeycomb from a Blacktimber bee so i guess its not just deathbone bees even tho thats what the quest asks for. (by Gandalily, Angels of Honor, Everfrost server)

Map: J00 Nektulos Forest

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