Avatars of Jealousy Quest

starting map: B02 Qeynos: Qeynos Harbor
starting location: 13 The Coldwind Crier
NPC: Royal Accountant Fowler
link to map:B02 Qeynos: Qeynos Harbor | Royal Accountant Fowler
optimal level: 17

This is a guild raid quest. You have to be in a guild with a level between 5 and 9. Any writ giver will give you this quest (starts as Report to Accountant Fowler). He tells you to go to Shattered Vale with 12 people to find the gnolls who are trying to summon an avatar. When you get to the vale you ahve a new instance available. Entereing completes the quest. There are a few level 17 heroic and epic mobs in the zone which are useful for some loot and experience if they aren't gray to you. Note: No guild status points for this unlike the writs.
(Guild level 5-9) Reward: nothing but access to a raid instance. (by Ashini of Faydark)

Map: B02 Qeynos: Qeynos Harbor

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