Spiked Bracelet Quest

starting map: F01 Blackburrow I
starting location: Unlinked to specific location:
NPC: a spiked strip of leather
link to map:F01 Blackburrow I | a spiked strip of leather
optimal level: 15

Quest states: "I've found an odd object - a spiked strip of leather. I think there is more to this object than meets the eye. (had to kill about 10 Burly gnolls) Quest now states: "I should look at the strip of spiked leather."
Reward: Spiked Bracelet - ATTUNALBE; +1sta, +1agi, +1str, +10 vs cold, +20 vs divine, +20 vs mental, mitigation 14
(by Pyriphlegethon Veneraiwetworks of Hands of Destiny on Lavastorm)

Map: F01 Blackburrow I

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